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Month: November 2011

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New BuzzMath Document – Evaluating a Function

(Algebra > Relations and Functions > Functions) Students will investigate the relationship between equations and functions in the document Evaluating a Function. Page 2 of this document provides students with a comparison of an equation and a function that allows students to connect their prior knowledge of equations to the concept of evaluation functions. Throughout this document students are provided […]

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New BuzzMath Document – Volume of a Prism

(Measurement > Using Measurement > Volume) Volume of a Prism introduces the what, when, why, and how for finding the volume of a prism. On pages 1 and 2 students experience what volume is as they drag cubes to fill a prism. Page 3 explains how to solve for the volume using the volume formula. Pages 5 through 9 provides […]

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New BuzzMath Document – Dividing Fractions Investigating patterns with Multiplication

(Numbers and Operations > Operations with Rationals > Multiplication and Division > Fractions) To divide a fraction we must multiply the fraction by the reciprocal of the other factor. As teachers, this makes sense. To students, this can be a very confusing concept. The mastery of the algorithm for dividing fractions will almost guarantee a correct solution, but does nothing […]

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New BuzzMath Document – Adding Fractions Using Models

(Numbers and Operations > Operations with Rationals> Addition and Subtractions > Fractions) We all have students that have mastered addition of fractions with like denominators, yet when asked to add fractions with unlike denominators they begin to create their own rules. This is evidence that the students have memorized a series of steps but lack an understanding of number sense […]

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New BuzzMath Document – Surface Area of Prisms

(Measurement > Using Measurement > Surface Area) Surface Area of Prisms allows students to use their existing knowledge of finding the area of a 2-dimensional shape and apply it to finding the surface area of 3-dimensional prisms. This document is full of colorful visuals that provide students with different prospectives of a variety of prisms. On pages 1 and 2 […]