(Numbers and Operations > Operations with Rationals > Multiplication and Division > Fractions)

To find a reciprocal of a number just turn it upside down. There is no denying that teaching how to write the reciprocal of a number is far from a challenging task. What is a Reciprocal goes beyond just how to write a reciprocal. It explains what a reciprocal is and provides problems that challenge students to think about how a reciprocal is used.

Throughout the document students are guided through the steps to finding reciprocals of fractions, improper fractions, and whole numbers.

The conclusion of this document asks students to explore what happens when a number is divided by itself and when it is multiplied by its reciprocal. This concept prepares students for dividing fractions. Keep an eye out for our new document, Dividing Fractions Using Models.

Try it now! What is a Reciprocal

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