(Numbers and Operations > Ratios and Proportions > Ratio)

Seeing two numbers separated by a colon, fraction bar, or the word “to”, may have little meaning for students. The symbolic representation of a ratio can be a very abstract concept for young minds. What is a Ratio? provides students with visual representations of ratios so students can better understand the concept and be able to apply it to real life situations.

Students are provided with definitions of both part to part ratios and part to whole ratios. They are then given the opportunity to apply these definitions by finding the ratio in different situations.

An interactive tool on page 8 is used to build an understanding of equivalent ratios.

If is important for students to have a firm understanding of ratios, so that they can apply this concept to other situations. Shortly to follow is Unit Rates, where students will explore special ratios.

Try it now! What is a Ratio?

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