(Measurement > Using Measurement > Volume)

Why is volume such a confounding topic for students? Are there too many formulas and variables to memorize? Is the concept too abstract? Do they lack the experience and understanding of working with 3-D objects? The answer could be yes to any and all of these questions. Volume of a Cylinder provides students with guided questions and visuals to allow students to “make sense” of this concept. The introduction of this document simply asks students to estimate how many jelly beans are in a jar. This is the prior knowledge of a student that will be built upon throughout the document.

In this document students are not simply given the formula for finding the volume of a cylinder, they are asked to identify it.

Finding the volume of a cylinder may seem meaningless if a student can not relate to a situation in which they will need to use this information. Pages 8-11 provides students with situations where finding the volume is necessary.

Try it now! Volume of a Cylinder 

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