David Cox is asking on Twitter:

@Malartre Does @BuzzMath have a pretest/intervention component built in or do students simply work through modules as teachers assign them?

The less than 140 characters answer:

@dcox21 The later. Real time data allows teachers to assign specific @BuzzMath modules for pretest/intervention”.

The over-detailed answer: it is not fully automated. We have heard horror stories about hour long tests sending the wrong message to the students. BuzzMath is about short and fun documents helping you discover and practice your math skills. Something in between is probably possible, we will investigate that. Contact us with your ideas!

For pretests: BuzzMath’s content is designed to continuously build upon prior concepts. Teachers can assign previous concepts for review and analyze the results to verify if the students are ready to move on to higher level concepts.

For intervention: the teacher tools allow teachers to constantly monitor the progress of their students.  If a student is having difficulty in a specific area, teachers can immediately identify the area of weakness and assign specific assignments to that student.  Within each assignment there are detailed solutions and examples which explain the concepts both numerically and with text.


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