On a student’s home page, the student sees the number of stars he or she has accumulated within each of the five NCTM strands. Now at a quick glance you can see this same information for each of your students all at once through Manage my Classes, “Class Report”.

“By Student” mode

By default the report opens in a “By Student” mode. In this mode you’ll see the number of stars each student has accumulated since the start of their subscription for any documents completed with 100%, not just those that were sent as an assignment. The report subdivides the number of stars by the five NCTM strands so that you can see the number of gold stars earned within each strand. This way you can track the strengths of your students and see which strands might need more attention. One of our BuzzMath teachers uses the accumulation of stars as an incentive program for her students. You can award points or special privileges to students by total stars earned or by stars earned within specific strands.

Just to clarify, a gold star is only recorded for those documents in which a student earned 100%. An accuracy column alongside helps you interpret whether a student made multiple attempts with the retry button to achieve 100%. The report also includes the total time engaged in BuzzMath.

“By Content” mode

To view data by the document name, just click the “by Content” button. In the “Content” view, set the time frame to Last day, Last 7 days, Last 14 days, Grading Periods, or School Year. The report features document names and shows the number of students who accessed it, the average score, and the average time spent. The display can be organized by clicking on any of the column titles.

Icons next to each document name indicate the related strand, whether it was sent as an assignment, and if it is marked as a favorite. By clicking on the option button (+) next to a document, you have the option to open the document, send as an assignment, view detailed results, or add to your favorites.

Both reports in By Student and By Content modes can be printed or exported to a spreadsheet via the Options button.

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