We updated BuzzMath.com to Version 1.45 on May 18th, 2011.

New In-Context Help

Help is now integrated everywhere in the application. Clicking on the help button will bring you to our help website.

Once inside you can choose items from the Interface menu, or opt for the teacher or student Quick Start Guide. These guides navigate the reader through getting started in a document, following student progress, and understanding the BuzzLab and BuzzMath missions. A special section for teachers provides help with managing their classes and how to use the reporting tools.

Class Report

The new Class Report view “By Student” (Screenshot) now shows the teacher the number of stars each student has earned in total and separated by NCTM strand.

We updated “By Content” view, now with average class accuracy (Screenshot) and the strand icon next to each document. The view still has the features that allow teachers to see average score, participation, average time spent and options to open the document or view detailed results.

You can also “Print” and “Export to spreadsheet” the information in these two reports.

7 new avatars

We added something that some students will love. 7 new funky avatars (based on the characters we have inside the problems).

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