We’ve teamed up with Dan Meyer to bring you his latest endeavor, Graphing Stories.com. We need you and your students to help us build the biggest Graphing Story collection ever, a collection you will all be able to use in your classrooms! Deadline: 8 days left.

In Graphing Stories, you upload a 15 second video that shows some type of change occurring in relation to time, be it height, area, distance, pain, happiness, etc. Then using a provided template, you graph the change and send a scan or picture of it. We will then do the hard work: overlay your graph on your video so you see the world AND the math changing at the same time and send it back to you. Take a look at the sample video Dan Meyer made on www.graphingstories.com or at this blog post.

Your students will love the challenge of trying to get their graph just right to match the story. And you can play the video at full and half speed with the elapsed time shown on the screen. Who wants the same old graphs from your textbook? Now you can have students graphing scenarios from their own lives and seeing the connections between the variables.

Why is BuzzMath doing this? Dan is an incredible math teacher with one of the best math teaching blogs around (check it out!). His blog has a healthy community of teachers looking for creative ways to bring mathematics alive in their classrooms and challenge their students to use real world data. The BuzzMath team likes to invest in tools that help students enjoy their mathematical experiences and here is another wonderful opportunity for teachers to make that happen.

Important details for getting started:

  • First there is a 10 day limit, and one day is already gone, so get your ideas and get filming!
  • Only 1 video per person, get all your teachers and students to do one!

The result? A massive collection of graphing stories spanning all kinds of interesting dimensions that we can all download and use in our classrooms. The response to this new project has been amazing on Dan’s blog. Don’t miss out, only 8 days left!

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