We updated BuzzMath.com to Version 1.44 on May 3rd, 2011.

Export your students’ results to a spreadsheet

Teachers using grading software in conjunction with BuzzMath recently requested an option to export their students’ detailed results (Last name, First name, Score, Accuracy and Time spent). This new option, available from the “Teacher’s option” menu when viewing the detailed results, will let you export to a spreadsheet file. Open it in Excel or use a grading software to keep track of the results. This step is really up to you and we’re curious to learn how you use this data.

Bookmark (or send) a specific page

Bookmarking a document has always been possible in BuzzMath, but now you can also link directly to the page that you want to bookmark. For example, that means you can keep a list of the specific pages you want to use for class instruction, or send a link to someone via Skype, or email.

Better solutions for our fraction documents

Our fraction documents are getting a face lift! Most of the documents now show students a written explanation of the steps alongside the detailed computation. For example, in division problems, the equivalent multiplication expression is shown along with steps for simplifying by a common factor before completing the multiplication.

Students in the first stages of adding fractions with unlike denominators are supported with explanations that step out the process of using common denominators, adding, converting to mixed numbers, and simplifying fractional parts.

We added some illustrations to the content:

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