(Numbers and Operations > Relationships Among Numbers > Different Representations of Numbers)

Fractions, Decimals and Percents I focuses on relationships between the three different representations of numbers. The interactive slider bar on pages 1 and 2 allow students to investigate relationships between percents and decimals (page 1) and then percents and fractions (page 2).

The 100 grid model is used on Page 3.

Here students see the connection to area and percent representing an amount out of 100. The grid is also interactive, as students click on squares they can see the related fraction, decimal and percent value. A great thing about BuzzMath is that even after they have completed this document, students can return to these three interactive models as needed to build their number sense and understanding of the relationships between rational numbers. Likewise the teacher can use these interactive models to introduce a class lesson or check student understanding.

The document continues with multiple choice, matching and input style questions that further assess student understanding of the relationships among fractions, decimals, and percents.

Soon to follow is Fraction, Decimals and Percents II which addresses fractional parts of a percent, decimals and fractions that represent percents greater than 100%, and use of a proportion to write a fraction as a percent.

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