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Month: April 2011

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Teacher’s Tip of the Month: Use Detailed Results to Adapt your Instruction

With BuzzMath’s detailed results teachers can see performance for each page of a document or compare all the pages of a document at once, thus providing valuable information that allows teachers to capitalize on students’ strengths and address their areas of difficulty. Teachers can access these detailed results through the Table of Contents, the various reports in Manage My Classes, […]

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BuzzMath 1.43 – New detailed results view, teacher’s options inside a doc, new video tour and… audio!

We updated to Version 1.43 on April 7th, 2011. Note: previous releases 1.40, 1.41 and 1.42 were not mentioned since they were mainly geared toward our edition tools. More Teacher’s Options There is now a new button, “Teacher’s options”, available while inside a document so teachers can access detailed results, send assignments and mark favorites while viewing a document. […]

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New BuzzMath Document – Fractions, Decimals and Percents I

(Numbers and Operations > Relationships Among Numbers > Different Representations of Numbers) Fractions, Decimals and Percents I focuses on relationships between the three different representations of numbers. The interactive slider bar on pages 1 and 2 allow students to investigate relationships between percents and decimals (page 1) and then percents and fractions (page 2). The 100 grid model is used […]

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New BuzzMath Document – Similar Figures Finding Missing Measures

(Geometry > Geometric Relationships > Similar Objects) The new document Similar Figures: Finding Missing Measures focuses on using proportions to determine missing side lengths and the congruence of corresponding angles to determine missing angle measures. New interactive tools make it easier for students to match corresponding sides and angles. The rotate tool on Page 6 allows students to turn one […]