We found this very nice video via @ManuelGonzales. Sarah Johnson talks about her first two weeks with BuzzMath as a math teacher working at DSST Public Schools in Denver. Note: we did not participate in the making of the video.

“The kids love it. They’re kind of addicted to it like a video game. 

It’s really interactive and very colorful and it also shows them what they did wrong, or shows them an example and lets them try it again so they can feel successful and so I think that those two things combined really make it enticing for them. 

They can also access it from home and I’ve had two or three students spend last weekend working 3-4 hours on it. 

And then there is also goals with the program too, so they get stars and these little incentives along the way to play this sort of video math game when they’ve gotten a certain number of stars, so they like that part of it too. 

I’ve only had it for two weeks now, and I’ve used it probably every other day for independent practices and as individual work. And then it produces the results for me quickly so I can see the class average or if it’s something I need to reteach again. 

I really think the coolest part about the program is that it is like a video game and we know that students these days, you know, they spend a lot of their time on video games, and watching TV, and these multimedia interactive types of learning are going on, but it’s not necessarily school based learning so it’s great that BuzzMath integrates what they see at home and what they are learning in school and kind of makes it fun for them.”

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