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Month: March 2011

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Cool video: first two weeks of BuzzMath with Sarah Johnson

We found this very nice video via @ManuelGonzales. Sarah Johnson talks about her first two weeks with BuzzMath as a math teacher working at DSST Public Schools in Denver. Note: we did not participate in the making of the video.  Transcript“The kids love it. They’re kind of addicted to it like a video game.  It’s really interactive and very colorful and it […]

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New BuzzMath Document – Input/Output Tables

(Algebra > Relations and Functions > Functions) The document Input/Output Tables informally introduces students to functions using a function machine and tables. Students examine relationships between input and output values to find function rules. They also find corresponding output values given a function rule and input values, as well as determine input values given a function rule and output values. […]