(Geometry > Geometric Relationships > Lines and Angles)

To help students get a good understanding of the dreaded Pythagorean Theorem, try our new document Pythagorean Relationships. The first page of this document sets the stage with an interactive problem in which students create right triangles using the sides of squares, and then complete a table to help them establish the relationship between the sum of the areas of the squares creating the legs and the area of the square that creates the hypotenuse.

In subsequent pages, the relationship between the legs and the hypotenuse is confirmed and reinforced. As students progress through the rest of the document, they solve problems involving missing legs, missing hypotenuses, determining whether a triangle is a right triangle, and solving real world applications.

It is important for students to know and understand the terms in this document. Although the document helps students understand the terms, students still need to be able to say the words. As you may know, being able to speak these terms can help students recall them. Words like Pythagorean Theorem and hypotenuse are difficult for many students, especially English Language Learners. You may want to encourage students to repeat these words in a safe environment to help them get comfortable with saying them. 

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