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Month: February 2011

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New BuzzMath Document – Integer Subtraction using a Vertical Number Line

(Numbers and Operations > Operations with Rationals > Addition and Subtraction > Integers) In addition to approaching integer subtraction through adding the opposite, we now have an integer subtraction activity that involves the use of a vertical number line. This document is great for those students who benefit from using visual models to help them develop algorithms. Using the vertical […]

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Updated BuzzMath Document – Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers

(Numbers and Operations > Relationships Among Numbers > Comparing and Ordering Numbers) The updated¬†Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers document focuses on the comparison of positive values written in the different forms of decimals, fractions, and percents. It begins with simple fractions of denominator 10 so that students can use their knowledge of place value and equivalent fractions to compare values. […]

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New BuzzMath Document – Estimating Square Roots

(Numbers and Operations > Operations with Rationals > Powers and Roots) In the new document Estimating Square Roots, students begin by exploring the relationship between the length of one side of a square and the area of the square to establish the meaning of square root. This is accomplished using models, tables, and interactive objects; with students building perfect squares […]

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New BuzzMath Document – Pythagorean Relationships

(Geometry > Geometric Relationships > Lines and Angles) To help students get a good understanding of the dreaded Pythagorean Theorem, try our new document Pythagorean Relationships. The first page of this document sets the stage with an interactive problem in which students create right triangles using the sides of squares, and then complete a table to help them establish the […]