(Measurement > Measurement Systems > Customary System > Conversions)

Page 1 of the new Convert Customary Units of Length document offers a great visual for students to see the relationships between inches, feet, and yards.

Use this page as an opener to your next lesson on customary length. Let students tell you all the relationships they see between the three different types of measure. As they determine which of the measures match, have them justify their choices using the visual on the screen.

After some estimating, students learn that measures such as 9 ft 5 in. can also be written as a mixed number of feet.

The succeeding pages help students begin the process of converting a measure like inches to both formats that were shown earlier on page 5.

Teachers may end the lesson after Page 7 or continue on to Page 8 where conversions between yards and miles are introduced. For those who have mastered Pages 1-7, let them take on the problem solving challenges of Pages 9-10.

Afterwards encourage students to design their own original measurement problems that require conversions with units of length. Post them on a classroom bulletin board with their solutions shown or challenge other students in the class to solve their problems!

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