We updated BuzzMath.com to Version 1.39 on January 24th, 2011. Note: previous release 1.38 was done on December 20th, 2010.

As you likely read in the previous post, the team mainly worked on the integration of BuzzMath in the Google Apps Marketplace EDU Category. The Google team was helpful and we’re really happy with the results so far. Thanks to Harrison, Julia, Kat & Ryan!

Even though we’ve been busy with the IT side of things, we haven’t forgotten about improving the students’ experience. We’ve improved the feedback students receive when completing tables and answering matching, multiple choice, ordering, and true/false questions so they know exactly which parts are correct and incorrect.

The red X

Now when students click the “Check my answer button” on multiple choice inputs, they will see all incorrect selections marked by a red X. Selections that should also be included in the solution are labeled with a grey arrowhead icon, while correct selections remain in view but are not marked.

Questions involving True/False statements, matching, ordering, and completion of tables also use the red X icon to indicate incorrect responses.

Pop-up solutions

In addition to the icons, students can view the corrected solutions in a pop-up alongside their original response. All they have to do to see it is click on their incorrect solution.

Comparing solutions

For students trying to learn from their errors, this added feature quickly allows them to compare their solutions to the correct ones. The detailed solutions still exist but now they can work together with the new pop-up windows to support students in their learning process. We have also incorporated the new icons and pop-up windows into questions containing circle graphs and drag and drop features.

The big green check

Because these questions and the input styles mentioned earlier can involve partially correct answers, a student needs to know when he or she has correctly answered an entire question. The “Check my answer” button will now be replaced with a big green check to indicate that all parts to the question have been correctly answered. This way students will know to retry a problem until the check appears and 100% is achieved.

Clearer number line

Our number line feature has also improved. The dynamic arrow now has a point associated with the movement of the arrow. This will strengthen the concept of graphing a number on a number line. When checking an incorrect answer, students will see their original selection in grey with a red X icon above the arrow, while a green arrow appears above the correct answer.

We hope these new features will help make it easier for your students to work toward mastery of the concepts. 

New themes focus on the math

For each theme background, we found having a limited color palette is a lot better and so we removed unneccesary details on the screen. This is why we updated the Fibonnacci’s farm theme and also Aryabhata Indian market theme.

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