BuzzMath marketplace listing screenshot and a school using using Google Apps + BuzzMath

We are excited to announce that BuzzMath for Google Apps is now available to the thousands of middle schools out there using Google Apps for K12 for classroom collaboration and email. It is among the first apps in the new EDU category of the Google Apps Marketplace, thanks to Google’s support.

You can now ask your school administrator (who also happens to be your Google Apps admin) to subscribe your school to BuzzMath for a trial offer. Using Google’s single sign-on and secure data sharing features, math teachers can subscribe, use, and track BuzzMath with hundreds of students in minutes instead of hours.

Google did a nice post: Google Apps just got smarter: introducing the Apps Marketplace’s new EDU category. See this video:

With Google Apps, schools can now test applications at a speed never seen before. As a result, teachers will be able to compare and select the best educational applications for their students. 

Teacher Dennis Ashendorf told us that BuzzMath is one of the best applications for his students:

“After eight years and approximately twenty different online software programs, BuzzMath emerged as the program that more students prefer.” says Mr. Ashendorf, credit recovery math teacher in Newport-Mesa District, CA. “Following an initial assessment, my students select one out of six software programs for their educational plan. Students often try several before a good fit is found. Yet after trying BuzzMath, students stay with it.”

Read Mr. Ashendorf’s success story on the Google Apps Marketplace Blog >
BuzzMath and Back Bay Continuation High School

See our official Press Release on PR Newswire >
BuzzMath for Middle School is among the first apps in the newly launched education category of Google Apps Marketplace

Visit the BuzzMath for Google Apps page >

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