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Month: January 2011

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New BuzzMath Document – Convert Customary Units of Length

(Measurement > Measurement Systems > Customary System > Conversions) Page 1 of the new Convert Customary Units of Length document offers a great visual for students to see the relationships between inches, feet, and yards. Use this page as an opener to your next lesson on customary length. Let students tell you all the relationships they see between the three […]

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BuzzMath for Middle School is among the first apps in the newly launched education category of Google Apps Marketplace

We are excited to announce that BuzzMath for Google Apps is now available to the thousands of middle schools out there using Google Apps for K12 for classroom collaboration and email. It is among the first apps in the new EDU category of the Google Apps Marketplace, thanks to Google’s support. You can now ask your school administrator (who also happens to be your Google […]