We love that your students can freely explore the variety of lessons in BuzzMath, but we also recognize that there are situations that warrant assigning specific lessons. That’s why we’ve created the Send an Assignment feature for sending assignments to individuals or to entire classes. It may be that your entire class needs additional practice with order of operations, or that certain students would benefit from the challenge of finding perimeters of combined shapes while others are working with basic perimeter of rectangles. As the professional, you can use the feature to focus student learning and to individualize lessons as needed.

How do I send an assignment?

Sending an assignment is easy! Follow these quick steps and your students will be receiving your suggested assignments in an instant.

  1. While signed in with your teacher account, open the middle school book and access the Table of Contents view. Then place your cursor on a document you’d like to assign. Right above the document name you will see a pop-up tab that includes a green tag next to the words, “send as an assignment”.
  2. Click on send as an assignment.
  3. To send to a class, merely check which of your classes you would like to receive the assignment.
  4. To send to an individual, choose the Send to individual student tab. Here you can check students by individual name according to the class they are in. You may choose one or multiple students.

If you are inside a particular document and want to send it as an assignment to students, there is no need to return to the Table of Contents. Simply select Send as an assignment from the drop down menu of the Teacher’s Options button and then follow steps 2-4 above.

What happens once an assignment is sent?

The next time your students log in (at school or at home), they will receive a message like the one below that notifies them of a new assignment. Students will also see all the assigned lessons on their home page under the heading, My Teacher’s Assignments.

In either case students need only to click on the document name to get started. If students are working on multiple assignments in one sitting, they will be automatically directed toward the next assigned lesson at the end of each completed document.

Continue to part II to see how to track your assignments >

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