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Month: October 2010

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New BuzzMath Document – Introduction to Slope

(Algebra > Relations & Functions > Functions) One of the more difficult concepts for teachers to teach and for students to grasp is linear equations. To begin, students must understand slope. Since most students already understand “steepness” you can stress that slope is the measure of the steepness of a line. You can later discuss rate of change, after they […]

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New BuzzMath Document – Integer Subtraction by Adding the Opposite

(Numbers and Operations > Operations with Rationals > Addition and Subtraction > Integers) Success with integer addition can easily translate into success with integer subtraction! In Integer Subtraction by Adding the Opposite, students rewrite each subtraction expression as an equivalent addition expression. Then they apply their knowledge of integer addition to find the solution. Since the first four pages focus […]

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Discover BuzzMath at NMSA Annual Conference in Baltimore!

On November 4th, teachers and administrators can be involved in BuzzMath firsthand as they join former middle school math teacher, Bonnie Spence and the Scolab crew in an interactive workshop at this year’s NMSA annual conference. The 75 minute workshop, entitled “What’s All the Buzz About?” will be held at 12:30 pm on Thursday November 4th, in room 327. Much more […]

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BuzzMath 1.34 – Individualized assignment and reporting

We updated to Version 1.34 on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010. Note: previous release 1.33 was done on September 7th, 2010 and was not newsworthy. We mainly worked on enhancing our editorial side. Differentiating for student learning is important and so teachers now have the option of sending individualized assignments in BuzzMath. The process is the similar to sending an assignment […]