We updated BuzzMath.com to Version 1.29 on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010.

What’s New

Guillaume and Steve added new features for families. Parents can follow each child’s progress in the Individual Child Report. They can see sessions and results for each document. It is also possible to send motivating messages to their children.

Free Parent accounts can see what a family’s progress page looks like before subscribing. This feature lets you experience our reporting tools with another family’s anonymous data.

Individual report screenshot

What’s Better

JP redesigned the time session graph on the teacher account’s home page to show day, name, and time of day. We think it’s a more meaningful overview of your students.
Time session graph screenshot

Mathieu worked on adding better images to documents. My preferred one is the sick cow. When you create an account, your default Avatar is now based on your gender.
New images screenshot

Paulo and François made the Family Sales portion cleaner and nicer. We added a big “Sign up your family” button to the home page.
Sign Up your Family button screenshot

What’s fixed

No more scroll bar bugs on Google Chrome. Resizing the window by the bottom would not work properly before.

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