We updated BuzzMath.com to Version 1.27 on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010.

What’s New

Families can now subscribe to BuzzMath! I’m not a father, but I’m excited about this 🙂

For $20/month, you can get all your kids on BuzzMath, and you can get them going in under 10 minutes. You can easily pause, resume and cancel your subscription by phone. However, in the next release, you will be able to do it directly on the web.

Pause is nice: if you just need BuzzMath for 2 months in the summer, you can pause your subscription in August and resume next June! Total cost: $40, and the kids are ready for the next school year!

BuzzMath parent account pod

What’s Better

This time it’s not about more beautiful documents; it’s about faster access to documents! What we boringly call the Table of Contents, otherwise called the Content View, is now really fast. Try it yourself!

BuzzMath Table of Content

What’s fixed

Various small bugs.

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