We updated BuzzMath.com to version 1.22 on Tue, Mar 16, 2010. Please note that we skipped release 1.21.

What’s New

  • You can now browse the Middle School book from a flat Contents view instead of by Strands. Instead of having many clicks and navigating deeply, you can now select a strand and simply scroll it’s content. This is a time saver for professionals who want to quickly find and assign BuzzMath documents.
    Screenshot of the Flat Contents View

What’s Better

  • We added details and steps to the solutions for approximately 150 problems.
    Screenshot of a detailed solution
  • Teachers have access to their own Portfolio. Before, only students had access to their own Portfolio.
    Screenshot of the My Portfolio button
  • When you solve a problem successfully, you can now view the solution. Before, you could view the solution only if you had an incorrect solution.
    Screenshot of the "Click to show the solution" feature
  • The detailed views of My Teacher’s Assignments and My Favorites (documents) are now ordered by date.
    Screenshot of My Teacher's Assignments

What’s fixed

  • Nothing major.

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